Virtual Party in the Suite with Alexander Vlahos

Virtual Party in the Suite with Alexander Vlahos

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This virtual event with Alexander Vlahos will take place on Saturday, May 7, 2022 and is priced at $135 for 45 minutes.  The first session will start at 9am (Pacific), the second at 10am, third at 11am, and time permitting, the last at 12pm (all Pacific Time).  Each session is limited to no more than 7 fans per party plus moderator(s).  You will be contacted to let you know which time group you are in. Please send an email or make a note in the comments box if you have a group you would like to be in together and we will do our best to accommodate your request.  There is no need to purchase for one session or the another session, this ticket link is for all sales pertinent to Alexander Vlahos.   One ticket allows entrance to one session.  Please see the following notes:

* The Virtual Suite Parties are extremely limited in the number of attendees allowed in each session.

* Only one person is allowed to attend / log into / be on screen in the virtual session per purchase to any virtual suite party. Screen sharing is not permitted. If you need to attend to a child or pet, please mute your mic and turn off your video so as not to disrupt other attendees.

* OV is not responsible for any attendee's hardware or connectivity issues including, but not limited to, loss of power, interruption of internet connectivity, or hardware malfunctions.

* If you need assistance with how to use Zoom (the licensed platform), please send an email request and we will try to schedule a help session but this cannot be guaranteed.  

* Refunds will not be granted for participant’s connectivity and/or any other issues. 

* It is highly suggested that users participate using a laptop or computer rather than a mobile device. Hardwire connectivity to the internet is preferable (but not required) over WiFi or cell phone service. Insufficient internet bandwidth may affect a user’s virtual experience.

* Please be polite to the other participants and do not monopolize the conversations.

* Contractually, the actors may not be able to answer some questions or may not feel comfortable discussing some subject matters. Please be respectful in choosing your discussion subject matter. Rule of thumb is to please avoid topics such as politics, religion and sex.

* All attendees are encouraged to share their video (on the virtual platform) so that all participants can see each other. If you do not have a built in camera on your computer you may need to connect an external camera or use a cell phone or tablet. Please note that functionality may be limited on mobile devices and tablets.

* It is best to have windows in front of you rather than behind you because backlighting will darken your face.  If you cannot avoid a backlit area, try putting up a window shade/sheet to darken the space behind you.  If that is not an option, try having a lamp behind your monitor. 

* Try to avoid moving around during the session.  If you must get up, please turn off your video to avoid distracting others.  If you are using a phone, having a pop socket or the equivalent may help to keep the phone in one position. 

* This is the only date scheduled for Alex.

* The meeting facilitator reserves the right to mute or remove any attendee who repeatedly breaks the rules, records the sessions, or is being disruptive to the virtual event. 

* All other terms and conditions in the check out apply.