p7a. AUTO David Berry

p7a. AUTO David Berry

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One autograph ticket is good for one autograph from David

Please note the following:

  • Platinum/Gold/Silver/and Bronze Ticket packages ALL include an autograph for each of the regular cast guest. If you have a P/G/S/B ticket and purchase an autograph, it is considered an extra autograph. Tartan tickets do not include any autographs with any cast members and all Tartan ticket holders are eligible to purchase autographs.
  • One autograph ticket for David is $55.00 US per autograph. Each autograph must have an individual ticket purchased. 
  • The autograph session is the time to bring something of your choice to be signed (no body parts, lewd photos, suggestive items that may be taken out of context, etc.) or you may use the collage included in some of the ticket packages.  The collages will also be available for purchase. The guest(s) reserve the right to refuse to sign anything they deem inappropriate.
  • This is your chance to present a gift to the guest.  Here are some guidelines:

           --- Do not wrap your gift and have it ready to be shown to the guest.

           --- Please do not give heavy items and limit the gift to the size of one 16-oz soda can. 

            --- Be prepared to give a *brief* explanation of your gift.

            --- Put your gift in a ziploc bag with your name inside the bag.

            --- Do not bring perishable items (cookies, cakes, etc.).  Perishable items will be disposed of.  Prepacked foods (i.e., candy bars) are acceptable.

  • Each individual autograph ticket is for *one* autograph for *one* cast member. Autographs included in the ticket packages cannot be sold separately. Please do not ask cast if they will sign additional items unless you have additional tickets. This causes cast to be uncomfortable because they know it is one autograph per ticket.
  • No photography or audio/video recording is allowed during the auto session or in the autograph salon.
  • All ticket purchases are subject to the Terms of Service noted in the Shopify Store and the following Fine Print

The Fine Print:

Insurance:  You are *highly* encouraged to purchase trip insurance to cover all your expenses. Your entire expenses would include ticket price plus extras, airfare, hotel (if you do not use the event block to book) and anything else you think you would spend that could be covered by trip insurance. Some companies provide up to 75% reimbursement of paid expenses only if a policy is purchased within 14 days of the initial ticket purchase (i.e., the day tickets go on sale). OV/OA does not recommend any particular company but encourages you to investigate on your own to protect your investment.

Refunds/Private Ticket Sales/Ticket Package Breaks:

Refunds: OV/OA has had a long held “No Refund” policy and only allowed them during the extenuating Covid-19 circumstances and the rescheduling of the event from 2021 to January 2022. The previously held no-refund policy is once again in effect. The no-refund policy is also in the Terms of Service in Shopify and is in effect for each purchase using the Shopify store and using the Epic Photo purchase link. By purchasing a ticket, you accept all the Terms of Service.

Private Ticket Sales: If you cannot attend and did not purchase insurance, you may sell your ticket to another party ONLY with prior approval from the Organizer. Third-party sales are independent of OV/OA.

Ticket Package Breaks: We have previously allowed attendees to carve off parts or “break up” their ticket packages (i.e., breakfast, autos, etc.); however, this is no longer allowed. All ticket packages will remain intact. If you wish to give an autograph to a friend, you can obtain the autograph and then gift it to that person.  

Covid-19: Currently, all attendees are required to present a negative Covid test taken no more than 24 hours prior to event registration at 1pm on Friday, September 30, 2022 and completed using a format whereby you have an app to show results or you receive a letter via email to show the registration volunteers. There will not be a private space to do a test nor will volunteers view a used test containing a biohazard/bodily fluids. Some of you travel early and may need to take a test prior to leaving your home; you are encouraged to do so and this is another reason trip insurance is encouraged (check their Covid policies, OV/OA does not recommend any particular travel insurance company). OV/OA will operate in accordance with applicable local public health guidelines as of the date of the event which may change at any time as determined by federal, state and/or local government mandates. While cautiously optimistic, we know that restrictions could be reintroduced at any time by the government or cast agents. Such requirements may include, without limitation, changes to capacity/pod structure, attendance procedures (see the aforementioned testing statement) and other protective measures such as requiring attendees to wear face coverings. OV/OA reserves the right to update their event’s Covid-19 policy at any time. We want all our guests and attendees to feel safe while enjoying OV/OA 2022 The Next Generation.